Message: “Paul vs Felix” from Kenny Montaño

Kenny Montaño - June 2, 2019

Paul vs Felix

Paul vs Felix Acts 23:12-24:27 I. God Is in ___________________ Even in Difficult Situations (23:12-35) A. God Uses ______________________________________________ (23:12-22) B. God Uses ______________________________________________ (23:23-30) C. God Uses ______________________________________________ (23:31-35) II. We Can Be ___________________ Even in Difficult Situations (24:1-27) A. Enemies of the Gospel Will ___________________ (24:1-9) B. Faithful Witnesses of the Gospel ____________________________ (24:10-27) C. Paul’s Public Witness 1. 2. 3. Discussion Questions 1) Do you find it easier to affirm the sovereignty of God theoretically rather than resting in the sovereignty of God experientially? Explain. 2) What does Acts 23:12-30 teach about the way God works to accomplish his purposes? 3) What does Paul’s life teach about living as law-abiding citizens? 4) What about Paul’s defense before Felix most resonates with you? 5) Do you find it difficult to transition general conversations into gospel conversations? If so, why? What does this passage teach you about how to do that more effectively? 6) Why does Paul constantly bring up the resurrection? What does this teach about our gospel conversations? 7) What do you find most striking about Paul’s message to Felix when he speaks to him privately (24:24-26)? 8) Take a few moments to pray for God to grant you confidence in his sovereignty and courage in your witness.

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