Usher Information for Roy Bible Church Members

Roy Bible Church – Usher

Please contact Clarence via text (801)603-4809 if you are unable to cover your  week.

Thank you,


21-Jan-18-Sun Matt Paetz  03-Jun-18-Sun Frank Magana
 28-Jan-18-Sun Jim McKenna  10-Jun-18-Sun John Plum
 04-Feb-18-Sun James Bryd  17-Jun-18-Sun Clarence Holmes
 11-Feb-18-Sun Jeff Everett  24-Jun-18-Sun Matt Paetz
 18-Feb-18-Sun Michael Crudele  01-Jul-18-Sun Jim McKenna
 25-Feb-18-Sun Lee Oswalt  08-Jul-18-Sun James Bryd
 04-Mar-18-Sun Danny Nino  15-Jul-18-Sun Jeff Everett
 11-Mar-18-Sun Daniel Kilcrease  22-Jul-18-Sun Michael Crudele
 18-Mar-18-Sun Frank Magana  29-Jul-18-Sun Lee Oswalt
 25-Mar-18-Sun John Plum  05-Aug-18-Sun Danny Nino
 01-Apr-18-Sun Clarence Holmes  12-Aug-18-Sun Daniel Kilcrease
 08-Apr-18-Sun Matt Paetz  19-Aug-18-Sun Frank Magana
 15-Apr-18-Sun Jim McKenna  26-Aug-18-Sun John Plum
 22-Apr-18-Sun James Bryd  02-Sep-18-Sun Clarence Holmes
 29-Apr-18-Sun Jeff Everett  09-Sep-18-Sun Matt Paetz
 06-May-18-Sun Michael Crudele  16-Sep-18-Sun Jim McKenna
 13-May-18-Sun Lee Oswalt  23-Sep-18-Sun James Bryd
 20-May-18-Sun Danny Nino  30-Sep-18-Sun Jeff Everett
 27-May-18-Sun Daniel Kilcrease  07-Oct-18-Sun Michael Crudele


Roy Bible Church Ushers


  1. Arrive prior to Sunday School to ensure church has been cleaned and is ready for service (ideally at least an hour early, 0830)
  2. Upon arrival and during Sunday School time:
    1. Turn on lights and lamps in lobby; normally the Praise and Worship team
      will already be in the Sanctuary practicing upon your arrival
    2. Check and adjust thermostats if necessary in all Sunday School rooms and
    3. During the winter months, shovel sidewalk and place ice melt out if needed, not accomplished by contractor
    4. Check to ensure all exterior doors except the main entrance are locked.
    5. Set up 15 chairs and 3 tables in “U” configuration for students with 1 chair at the head for teacher in Fellowship Hall for Nevins’ Sunday School class
    6. Ensure coffee/snack table in the hall is prepared with adequate supplies and start preparing world’s best coffee and hot water for hot chocolate and tea in the kitchen with new coffee maker
    7. Double check restrooms to ensure clean, TP is available, and soap/paper
      towels are sufficient for service
    8. Prepare Communion Trays for main service and place in refrigerator; fill
      all spaces-32 cups per tray
    9. Check sanctuary to ensure hymnals and bibles are in the back of pews,
      paper is picked up and removed from pew chair pockets
    10. Check to ensure offering baskets are in place
    11. Ensure bulletins are folded and ready to be handed out as people begin
      arriving for Sunday School (These are normally not ready at this time)
    12. Turn on TV in Nursery and audio receivers in lobby after Mike
      Crudele turns on sound system
    13. Ensure crayons and paper are available on usher’s table baskets for kids
    14. Open sanctuary doors
    15. Greet members/visitors, and provide information on Sunday School class
      location for interested individuals and provide visitor card with instructions to fill out place in the offering
    16. Take one pot of coffee and one hot water pot to Jim’s Sunday school class
    17. Ring doorbells to start (0930) and end Sunday School classes (1015) and
      start main service (1020)
  3. Prior to start of the service:
    1. Check to make sure nursery worker is in the nursery
    2. Get someone to assist you with taking offering
    3. Greet members/visitors, and provide them with a visitor’s card. Ask them to fill it out place in the offering. No pressure.
    4. Ring the bells at 1025 to move people from lobby into sanctuary
    5. Close sanctuary doors
    6. Monitor empty seats if crowded and help seat people who are arriving close to start time or late
    7. Remain in the lobby area until after music ends and Pastor starts the message
  4. During the service:
    1. Check with nursery worker to see if they need any help
    2. Periodically check coffee during the morning to ensure adequate amount is
      available, normally two pots regular and one pot decaff covers Sunday School and main service
    3. Monitor to ensure everyone is comfortable, temperature is right and not a great deal of excessive kid door activity
  5. After Service:
    1. After service, police the main sanctuary picking up paper, placing hymnals
      and bibles back in pews, ensuring sanctuary is ready for CCE Spanish service
    2. Collect trash from kitchen, bathrooms, Sunday School rooms, front office, replace trash bags and take large trash bag out to the dumpster
    3. Double check restrooms to ensure toilets/urinals flushed and ready for
      next service
    4. Turn off TV and Audio receivers, bring handicap cones back into the church
    5. -Turn off lights in backrooms and Sanctuary; ensure building is locked in
      case everyone leaves before the Spanish speaking church usher arrives and
      begins there set up process. If you have to leave let someone know that they need to lock the doors if they leave before the Spanish Church arrives.-
  6. Notify Frank 801-698-0611 or Clarence, 801-603-4809, during the week if you are not going to be able to cover your Sunday

    Thanks for your willingness to assist with helping everyone to have a
    wonderful worship environment.

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