Welcome to the new website…

Welcome to the newly redesigned website for Roy Bible Church of Roy, UT. We are very excited for the possibilities this new site will give us a church to communicate with our congregation and with those seeking information. We are grateful for the hard work of Steve Feld. He is a member of our congregation as well as a talented web designer. His many hours of work will be used by God for the glory of His name and the good of His kingdom.

In particular, stay tuned to this blog area which we will seek to use in creative ways to post information and devotional material throughout each week. Some posts may be directly from one of the elders or another member of the church. There may be guest blogs from our friends. We may also point you to other sources of online information that we’ve found helpful or inspirational. Feel free to look around the site and become familiar with it. Please be aware that it is new and we will be working out the bugs over time. Thanks for visiting and may God bless you and keep you!

Pastor Kenny Montaño

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