Club Overviews

Cubbies (3-4 years old)
The Awana club for preschoolers (ages 3-4) meets the spiritual needs of young children through fun (crafts, games, awards), friendly characters and leaders, foundational teaching and family involvement (parents working with children to memorize a weekly scripture verse).

Sparks (K-2nd Grade)
The Awana club for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade aims to take youngsters a step deeper into God’s Word while giving boys and girls regular opportunities to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

The club has all the elements of fun and excitement through the Bible story time and Awana game circle.

Truth & Training (3rd-6th Grade)
The Awana club for boys and girls in 3rd through 5th grade reflects the passion of Awana to teach this group the truth of God’s word and to train them to follow Christ in their daily lives.

With a cast of fun characters in their handbooks, plus loving teachers, the students are exposed to the gospel message, Scripture memory, Bible study, awards, team-oriented games and lots of fun!